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President's Message - February 2018

Greetings on a cold, gray, rainy/snowy February day. Since we had to cancel January’s monthly meeting, I’ve felt like an addict suffering through withdrawal. The weather hasn’t helped, either. I managed to get a fix (and, to my wife’s disappointment, avoid some long overdue house projects) by attending the Philadelphia Auto show most days last week. I was invited by Mike Jones, Chair of AACA’s auto show exhibit, to display my 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood as a candidate for their HPOF designation. The Fleetwood got some much-appreciated attention from several local Cadillac enthusiasts.

I’m glad I brought it to the show. I was aware of a few notable Cadillacs there: my own, a 1912 Model 30 Touring (also part of AACAs exhibit (thanks to owners Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Conroy of Newtown PA), and a tricked-out ‘66 DeVille Convertible for the DUB exhibit (which was a Cadillac in a previous life). Owing (likely) to marketing budget reasons for 2018, the Cadillac division was absent. However, the division is expected to return in force in the near future, given plans to launch up to twelve new models in the next three years. We’ll be waiting eagerly.

VFR is finalizing one of two planned dealer shows this year. Delaware Cadillac has expressed interest in hosting a show again. Pencil it in your calendars for Saturday May 19th. We are reaching out to other dealers to host shows in late spring or fall. We are also working on the Peddler’s Village show in Lahaska for October.

As I mentioned before (and I will again), the success of these shows (and any other event we organize or host) depends on you… your attendance, your participation, and most importantly, your help. Please plan to register your car and attend, even if you register “for display only”. And please sign up to help with the shows & events. We need coordinators, parking assistants, judges, folks to set up and tear down… So, don’t assume “Someone else will take care of it”. It’s your help that we need!

Do you need help getting yourself and/or your car to an event? Reach out to the club. I’d love nothing more than to fill my Fleetwood with other members who need a ride to an event! I’m sure there are members who would be willing to help drive or co-pilot your car to an event. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the membership for help.

One of the critical areas in which VFR needs expert assistance right now is Regional Chief Judge. If you have any interest in judging and have some previous experience (CLC, AACA or other club), please contact Ronnie Hux or myself. Ronnie was VFR’s regional Chief Judge for 7 years. He is taking a well-deserved break from this role and serving 3 terms as regional Director, but continues to serve on VFR’s board, and is a candidate for the national board of directors. Please cast your vote for Ronnie and other northeast region candidates and return your ballot to CLC by March 16th.

Thanks to friends and family who attended the Philly Auto Show this week and shared their photos, as I didn’t have a chance to take any myself. One sad note to share with you. I was very shocked and saddened to read of the sudden and tragic passing of Dan and Barbara Espy, who were killed in a car accident in Harrison Township, NJ on January 21st. Dan and Barbara were active members of CLC and the Raritan River Region (RRR) for several years. Dan led the team that judged my car at the Grand National last August and was kind enough to share some of his experience (in judging and being judged). Dan was well known in the CLC. Past President Richard Sills recalls judging his Persian Lime Firemist 1974 Eldorado convertible car each year for the Preservation Award at the Grand National (Dan consistently won the award). Potomac Region Assistant Director Dan Ruby remembers talking with him at Hershey about the distinctive color of his car.

I have reached out to the RRR Board to express VFR’s condolences (they are obviously shocked) and offer VFR’s help with anything RRR would like to do for the Esby family.

Feel free to contact me directly by email or phone with any questions, comments, problems, observations, suggestions or criticisms.

Warm regards,

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