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President's Message - September 2017

Wow! Our 2017 Grand National has come and gone. After working on this venue since January 2014, all the hard work and efforts of the many outstanding volunteers has ended. I want to thank the ones that gave their time and energy to assist with this large event: my wife, Becky, Jack and Nancy Hotz, Mike and Vicky Barruzza, Al and Mary Cowling, Jeff Hansen, Cliff Woodbury, Earl Rutter, Chris Kendzierski and his family, and countless others who worked in some form or fashion. We also were fortunate to have lots of volunteers from the Potomac Region and throughout the US to help with the daily tasks. We wanted to have the most elegant Grand National ever, and I feel we accomplished our task. We have received so many compliments and thanks to all involved. We also had the pleasure of having two (2) executives from Cadillac attend and speak. Nathan Tan, Associate Director, spoke on Wednesday night at the reception and Johan de Nysschen, President, gave an outstanding overview of his plans and visions for Cadillac on Saturday night. We are thankful that these two extremely busy executives came down from NYC and shared our event.

This year is time for election of our board of directors. Per our by-laws, I have to appoint a past president, a current board member, and a member at large to solicit nominees for the ballot. The ballot is mailed by our secretary in October, tabulated, and the results are announced in December. We now have nine (9) board members. As I announced at the August meeting, I WILL NOT seek the office of President following this tenure. I have served faithfully for six (6) years and I am ready to pass the torch. Furthermore, Al Cowling does not want to run for Vice-President, nor does Mary Conway want to continue as Secretary. To add to this dismay, John Wood will be glad to continue as Treasurer until sometime in late 2018, when he plans to retire and move to Florida.

It is crucial that we solicit and elect members who are willing to commit time and efforts to continue running our club. These ARE NOT honorary positions. Every board member is expected to attend monthly meetings, banquets, brunches, car shows and assist with all club activities. I sincerely hope that you consider the responsibility that you should assume if you want your name on the ballot. Valley Forge Region is one of the oldest regions of the CLC and one of the most respected. We conceived the concept of dealer shows and many regions have followed suit. We have hosted numerous Grand Nationals and other events. The Valley Forge Region is a leader and needs board members and officers who want to lead. I ask you to please consider your commitment before agreeing to have your name on the ballot.

Also, I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as our Region's Chief Judge for the past 8 1/2 years. I plan to resign from this position after our annual Fall show at Lahaska in September. This position is appointed by the President and I would like to make this appointment as soon afterwards as possible. Again this position requires a strong commitment. Arriving at the shows to set up early, solicit judges during the show, tabulate the results of the judging sheets, order the trophies, hand out the awards to winners and maintain the permanent records of VFR winners for future reference. Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you are interested. I WILL NOT be Chief Judge for our region from 2018 forward. We need someone to step up and take this outstanding position.

I hope all of you have made a commitment to attend our Fall Show at Peddler's Village in Lahaska this year. See you there.


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